International Show Parade.
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International Show Parade deals with international events and it was founded in 1998 by Fulvio Trifelli and Paola Censi.

For almost 40 years, we have been organizing many kind of shows all over the world (Europe, Asia, USA, Arabian Emirates, etc...): big events, parades, tattoos, street theatre festivals, private parties and gala evenings, in cooperation with the best international artists and performances.

Among our attractions you can find: aerial and fire shows, over water performances, dancing fountains, fantastic machines, giant mechanical characters, amazing inflatable acts, music bands of all types and origins (civil and military bands, brass bands and majorettes, street bands, marching bands, comic bands), flag throwers groups and various historical performances (whips players, harquebusiers, archers, arbalesters, knights, swordsmen, falconers and historical parades), masks of Venice carnival, pipe bands from all over the world, international folk groups, dancers, circus performances, street theatre shows, stilt walker, chorus, singers, comedians, magicians, fireworks and much more.

In case you are interested in "enriching" your events with international performances don't hesitate to contact us: it will be a pleasure for us to study an artistic proposal on the basis of your technical and economic needs, offering you our experience and professional background, to make unique your events.

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